Curlee Girlee of the Week: Emily

Emily is 3-years-old and full of life. Her personality is as wild as the curls on her head. Emily is a friend to anyone she meets and she wants everyone to feel included. She has a smile and giggle that light up the room. Emily loves having pirate sword fights one minute and princess dance parties the next. Her favorite activities include playing soccer, baseball, swimming, jumping on her trampoline, painting, coloring and going to the zoo. Emily loves elephants, especially baby elephants. Her favorite toys are her dinosaurs and her baby dolls. Emily loves babies and is so excited to become a big sister in July!

Curlee Girlee of the Week: Sydney

Sydney Rachel Rumer is a six-year-old sweetheart with a HUGE personality. She loves coloring, doing cartwheels, and playing with her friends. Her slight addiction to YouTube is coupled by her love for reading. On any given day, you can find this beautiful young girl singing and dancing to her favorite “kids bop” tunes. This confident kindergartner loves to wear her hair loose and free to show off all of her gorgeous springy curls.

Curlee Girlee of the Week: Carrington

Carrington is 3 years old, and she loves Disney princesses, coloring, and reading. She loves taking dance and gymnastics. Carrington has the sweetest heart and can make friends wherever she goes!

Curlee Girlee of the Week: Lily Rose

Lily Rose is wild, a Sagittarius through and through. She points her arrows at all her targets, she shoots and shoots until she makes her mark. She loves lollipops, monsters, sparkly nails, and rock & roll, and once she decides something is magic, she holds onto it forever. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite food is quesadillas, and she wants to have hair like Moana when she grows up.

Curlee Girlee of the Week: Kendall

Kendall is a typical 13 year old 8th grader with a big personality and lots of ambition. Kendall is an honor roll student, a member of student council (4 years), cheerleader (6 years), choir (4 years), math club, middle school drama club (4 years) and participated in the High School Musical performances (3 years). Among all of her school activites, Kendall also loves pageants, modeling and acting. Her love for performing has opened many doors and she has accomplished so much in her life so far.

Kendall has always been referred to as Shirley Temple, she even performed “On the Good Ship Lollipop” for the talent portion of a pageant and won.

Kendall has competed in 3 NAM (National American Miss) state pageants and 1 NAM national pageant, where she won numerous awards and titles. Kendall is currently the 2017 Miss Tri-County Preteen East Palestine.

Kendall has been modeling and acting since 2014. A few of her accomplishments include: Classic Story Book Commercial, Nike Commercial with Lebron James, Step 2 Push Around Buddy Print work, American Girl Doll Fashion Show and even auditioned for Disney, Nickelodeon and several featured films. She even had the honor to compete at IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) for over 350 agents, managers and casting directors, where she received several awards and lots of interest from top names and businesses in the industry. Kendall’s greatest accomplishment at IMTA was placing 3rd for Female Preteen Actress of the Year.

Kendall loves volunteering. She has helped with the Niki Feezle CF Explosion of Hope Foundation and dedicates numerous hours to helping the Little Rebel Cheerleaders.

Her love of singing has given her the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for local school events as well as local charitable benefits. She also had the opportunity to audition to sing the National Anthem at a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

Among all of this Kendall’s favorite things to do are spending time with family and friends.

Kendall loves her curls because their unique, attention grabbing and a great conversation starter. Her curls make her stand out and adds personality. She loves that she doesn’t have to brush her hair and she can just wash and go, super easy to style. She always gets compliments from people.