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Curlee Girlee of the Week: Elle Monroe

Elle Monroe is 22 months old. She loves to dance, sing, and swim. Her favorite food is chicken.


8 Simple Steps for Highlighting Your Child’s Hair With Kool-Aid

It’s summer time your daughter wants to have some fun ... she is begging you to dye her hair bright pink ... do you let her? I have to c


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Hannah

This is Hannah. Hannah is seven years old and just finished first grade. She lives in Brooklyn New York and she has a twin brother. Hannah is


Summer Hair for Curlee Girlees

You send your little Curlee Girlee to day camp looking all adorable in her pink shorts, white t-shirts, bathing suit underneath her clothes,


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Olivia

This is Olivia. She is a happy, smiling, and on-the-go 9 month old. She was born with a full head of straight hair, but at around 6 months de


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Maleaha Winfrey

This is Maleaha Winfrey and she will be 4 years old on July 3rd. She lives in South Florida and she is a published model who has been modelin


Curlee Girlee of the Week: India Jolie

India Jolie is a 6-year-old tiny adventurer. She love️s ice cream and is the kid-preneur behind India's Italian Ices. She loves to travel t


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Agam Ben Ezra

My name is Agam Ben Ezra and I am seven years old. I live in Israel and I have curly hair. I like to dance and play, and I love my daddy (Abb


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Scarlett

This is Scarlett! She's 3.5 years old and the youngest of 5 children. She's the only one of her siblings who has curls. Don't let the blond