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Curlee Girlee of the Week: Emily

Emily is 3-years-old and full of life. Her personality is as wild as the curls on her head. Emily is a friend to anyone she meets and she wan


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Sydney

Sydney Rachel Rumer is a six-year-old sweetheart with a HUGE personality. She loves coloring, doing cartwheels, and playing with her friends.


Five Things You Can Do To Teach Your Daughter Self-Acceptance And Self-Love

  Five ways mothers can show their daughters why self-acceptance and self-love is important 1) Celebrate their unique features! If the


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Carrington

Carrington is 3 years old, and she loves Disney princesses, coloring, and reading. She loves taking dance and gymnastics. Carrington has the


How Working Mom Atara Twersky Inspired Her Youngest Daughter to Embrace Her Curls

Did you know only 10% of women feel proud of their curls and only 4 out of 10 curly-haired girls think their hair is beautiful? (Edelman, 201


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Lily Rose

Lily Rose is wild, a Sagittarius through and through. She points her arrows at all her targets, she shoots and shoots until she makes her mar


5 Ways to Ensure Your Curlee Girlee Wakes Up With Fabulous Hair

  Five ways to ensure your CG wakes up with hair she went to bed with: 1) Wet hair either in the shower/tub or with a water bottle if


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Kendall

Kendall is a typical 13 year old 8th grader with a big personality and lots of ambition. Kendall is an honor roll student, a memb


Curlee Girlee of the Week: Arianna

Arianna Grace Roldan is a 4 year old model from the Bay Area, California. She is represented by Scout Model and Talent. Arianna loves to danc