Five Things You Can Do To Teach Your Daughter Self-Acceptance And Self-Love


Five ways mothers can show their daughters why self-acceptance and self-love is important

1) Celebrate their unique features! If they have curls call them “curlee girlee,” if they have freckles tell them how adorable freckles are! Don’t try to change their unique features and don’t let them feel they need to either.
2) Do not compare children to their siblings or their friends. Remember, each child has their own special traits and challenges.
3) Teach them to make friends who value and respect them. A favorite motto of mine is “We only want to be friends with people who want to be friends with us.”
4) Never go to sleep angry at them. Yes, bedtime can be challenging and asking for that drink of water when you know they aren’t really thirsty can be annoying. But remember they are just trying to connect when they repeatedly come out of bed. Try to find the larger reason for that.
5) The most important thing you can do to show your child how important self-love and self-acceptance are is by loving and accepting yourself with all your flaws. So work on being your best self but know that it really is okay to have be imperfect and have imperfect moments with your children.